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Stunning miniature pomeranian Puppies . Accredited Breeder.

Little Dog Boo

The Internet s Favourite... Little Dog Boo...

I got sent this link in June 2012....and was asked if I had one of these?! lol

Little Boo has become an internet favourite and the subject of a lot of debate!

Is it cruel to shave a pom like this? Or do you think he is well looked after and healthy?

He has caused many a debate!

Ill let you make your own minds up!

Wierd but cute in a mad way!

For little dog boo puppies for sale click here

Please note Little dog boo puppies start at £3500.

(This is the 'Apricot ' Colour)

He is a pomeranian clipped into this shape and must only be done by a professional dog groomer.

Sharon Osborne has also shaved her Pomeranian as seen on X Factor!

Here is Perrie Edward's (Little Mix )Pomeranian shaved into a Lion!

Stars from the Only way is Essex also have pomeranians.They are still very rare here in the Uk so please do be careful of scammers claiming to sell poms that are not poms!A good pom is fluffy like a ball with tiny triangle ears and small bear like nose.

Make sure you see both mum and dad and puppy and parents and do not pay any deposit until you have done this.All reputable breeders will have a waiting list and pure pomeranians are not cheap!

As Poms only have 1 or 2 puppies per litter there is still a big shortage here in the Uk and also not worth doing for most breeders as it is a lot of time and effort and care to breed little pomeranians .We dont let them go until 12 weeks old whereas most breeders pups go at 7 weeks old.It is more risky and time consuming than other standard dogs hence the prices.An average litter of say 'Boxer pups' would be £700 but because they have 8\10 puppies :therefore £5000-£7000.However as a pom only has 2 puppies prices have to be higher to cover costs and time.I only breed 2\3 litters per year as a hobby to promote the breed but their costs must be covered.

I have seen other websites charging £4500-£6000 and with no genuine papers or guarantees and also USA poms for $8000 plus shipping (also no guarantees!)

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